Thursday, November 12, 2009

Seattle Underground

What you see here is a bit complicated. The left of the picture shows a boardwalk created for the underground tour. Between the wooden boardwalk and the brick wall is the original sidewalk to Seattle. The brick wall is part of a storefront to a meat market (or that's what they told us on the tour). The "ceiling" is the substructure to the current Seattle sidewalks. The current street would begin approximately over the boardwalk, maybe just to the left of that. For scale, the height of the "room" would be maybe twelve feet from concrete sidewalk to wooden rafters. The space widthwise between the brick wall and the wooden boardwalk would be maybe fifteen or twenty feet.

What fascinates me most about the underground is how different parts of the sidewalk and buildings have settled. Some places are very level and even, and other places are scary. Nothing smelled funny, though, so at least it seemed less eerie.

Photo taken on our honeymoon to Seattle on October 20, 2009, on what I estimate to be a 3-second exposure. The photo is a good estimate for actual lighting in the underground.

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