Thursday, November 19, 2009

Snuggly Warm

I despise the new fad, the "Snuggie," but I do appreciate being warm. The Man and I have finally outgrown or worn our childhood (and college) blankets. We got some great bedding for our wedding, but we didn't get any good blankets. I love flannel, and I was going to make a flannel blanket for him, but he wanted a special print, so I ended up making him a blanket out of fleece.

Fast-forward a few days. We were snuggling on the couch, maybe watching a movie or reading together, I forget why exactly. Whatever the case, we discovered that one fleece blanket was not going to be enough. Okay, I discovered it. He was toasty warm under his blanket.

One night this week I went to the store. I picked out some fleece for myself, matched another color for the back side, and bought it. I took it home, trimmed and stitched it, turned it, whipped the opening, and BAM! no more sharing.

Now I'm snuggly warm.

But I do NOT have a "Snuggie." (Well, I do, it's called a robe, and I can put it on backward and save myself the damn $15 those things cost.)


MissKris said...

I must admit...we have 3 Snuggies in our house and they're WONDERFUL!! But I am not blessed as a fact, the last time I touched a sewing machine was as a 9th grader, almost 40 years ago...eeeeeeeek!!! And any mending is done by Dear Hubby on all his hunting clothes. Me and needles and thread just don't mix. But YOUR blankets sound fantastic!!! Fleece throws/blankets are the BEST!!! And my Dear Hubby is a great 'warmer-upper', too.

BR..K. .LL.N said...

I have a blanket like this kind of (not a Snuggie) I took an old conforter and sewed a flannel sheet to each side to just revive it a little- and give it a new look. Though everyone who has ever seen it calls it the black hole because when I'm wrapped up in it I'm lost in it and not coming out till I must.