Sunday, November 01, 2009

We got stuff, and I lost stuff

After careful price shopping and comparing items, we took our largest gift cards out for a stroll today and got some much-wanted stuff as wedding gifts. I've dreamed of having a mandoline slicer since I moved out two years ago, but it was always "in next month's budget" or "maybe I'll wait for my birthday." We bought one. I can't wait to make homemade baked fries or julienne carrots for stir-fry or make potato slices all the same thickness.

We bought a bathroom scale (ho dear, maybe a bad idea); a Houdini wine bottle kit thingy that pretty much drinks the wine for you or something; some new kitchen towels in pretty, grown-up colors; Silpats; measuring cups that aren't stuck in a permanent ring so that when you use them you have to use all of them--ugh; new silicone spatulas and a wisk; and a grocery bag holder.

We're going to wait for the after-Christmas sales, or maybe even Black Friday sales to get a KitchenAid stand mixer because the one I originally wanted should be marked down quite a bit. Why get the classic when you can get the Artisan for the same price? Not that I really need the extra large motor, but nothing says baking like having cookie dough launched to the ceiling. ;)

After shopping for a while, having lunch, getting groceries, and contemplating the results of the bathroom scale, we opted to sit down and play some games. I mixed up some delicious fruit smoothies in The Man's "new" blender (it makes quick work of ice, yay!), and we played both Sorry! and Scrabble. I lost both games.

AND somehow, in the melee of a wedding, honeymoon, going umpteen different places to change my name, and packing/unpacking/returning gifts, I've managed to lose my checkbook. We called the resort in Seattle, and they don't have it. We've emptied every pocket of every bag, coat, and pants we took on our trip and found nothing. It's not in my desk, in The Man's desk, in the car, in the kitchen or bathroom, and it's not in the safe. Where would you look for a lost checkbook?

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Skunk said...

Ha! Sometime in between the wedding and the honeymoon we managed to lose the largest wedding check we had received! We turned the house upside-down, and still never found it! We ended up having to contact the person who gave it to us and told them to stop payment on it! SOOO embarrassing! Luckily, they wrote us a new one with no issues, but we're still so ashamed...