Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day in December!

Happy Valentine's Day... two months early. The Man and I were shopping on Christmas Eve day when we realized that not only was all of the Christmas crap on sale, but that most of it had already been replaced by pink hearts and red candy molds. I sort of understand crafting stores getting in on the festivities early--crafters like to do things in advance--but even the Dollar Store was in transition. I have a hard enough time seeing Christmas crap in stores before Halloween, but now Valentine's Day is getting in on the advance action? Ugh. I vote that holiday decorations cannot be sold more than two weeks in advance, much like fireworks. There would be a season, a short window of opportunity, a legal date designation for Christmas songs on the radio, pink hearts in the windows, and the Easter bunny. The marketing of all that junk is getting ridiculous. How many months in advance do I really need to get a scary skeleton door hanging... June? March!?

Silly me, a shopping trip for Christmas decorations the day before Christmas and the stores are working on a different holiday already. Sheesh.


cm0978 said...

Yes, I noticed that too in the grocery store and was disgusted by it. After the sugar of the holidays, who can look at the sugary pinkness of Valentine's Day without being sick?

silver_arrow3 said...

It seems as though I am one of many random people who has stumbled across your blog from one Google search or another.

I found this cartoon on another blog that describes perfectly your annoyance with Christmas decorations before Halloween. Maybe it will give you a laugh as well. :)