Friday, December 04, 2009

Heat Initiated

It was 62º in our apartment when I got up for work this morning. The outside temp was around 23º. To say that the apartment feels colder each day has been an understatement. Because we have such warm clothes and blankets, we've been able to make it to December without having to turn on the heat this year. We're incredibly thankful to be in such a position, no doubt, but this morning I gave in. I popped on the wall heaters, our only source of heat through the winter (and I hate them).

I've tried to go around the apartment and find heat leaks. One of the biggest drafts I've felt was from the vent over the stove. Cold air poured down the vent so hard that the little fan inside was spinning the wrong direction. I didn't know how to stop it or cover it, so I took the little vent cover wire basket thing and lined it with tinfoil (non-flammable, easy to remove). Hopefully that will keep some of the draft away. I also put draft blockers at the bottom of our exit doors. The windows are double-paned with mini blinds and two layers of curtains each. We try to use the oven to bake dinner most nights which doubles as a food cooker and apartment warmer. I'm not sure what else to do to draft-proof an apartment and heat it economically. Any suggestions from tried-and-true experience?

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