Sunday, December 27, 2009

Justification for our Small Wedding

I recently found this hilarious commentary from a priest about weddings. It summarizes all of the fears I had of outdoor weddings and our wedding in general. The Man and I made a huge point to not spend an extraordinary amount of money on our big day, plus we attended all but one of the church's pre-Cana events (we skipped out on the optional NFP class because, seriously, prayer is not an effective form of birth control). You can ask any of our family members about how much listening we do and how much communication we try to do, how extensive our engagement process was... I am not lying one bit when I say we work EVERY day on our marriage. Not just when we fight, not just when we think about it, but EVERY day. Of course we bicker and argue, but we try to learn why in each situation and learn from it. And I'm not just saying that to make us sound good: we really do. We know how hard it is to be married, to stay married, so we want to work at it.

Anyway, this funny article really hammers the idea home. Don't invest more in your wedding than you do in your marriage!


MissKris said...

May I say this from years of experience? Don't work at it tooooooooo hard. A lot of it will just naturally fall in to place.

Jaggy said...

That's good advice, thank you. I was trying to make the point that we understand and agree with the article. Of course we have our issues, but at least we acknowledge them. We're not perfect, and I hope I didn't make us out to seem that way.

We're normal, but we're trying to make it through the long haul. :)