Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Mold Killing 101

I cleaned my windows last night. That wouldn't sound so ominous if it was August, but anyone who knows apartment life (or even some houses) knows that cleaning windows in December can only mean they were really, really nasty. And oh! they were! The condensation on my double-pane windows was several inches tall and had begun growing. Any water that had pooled in the windowsills was fuzzy. My wooden dowel window stoppers were disgusting. Seriously, I felt like one of those people on a reality TV show, "how gross is your house?!" The rational side of me was arguing, "yeah, but it's only a tiny bit of mold so pull on your big girl panties and deal with it." Armed with a quadrupled towel over my mouth and nose, latex gloves, and some 1/10 bleach/water, I got down to business. All of the windows got wiped with dry paper towels, then with bleach-water paper towels. The sills got wiped down the best I could do, and then I let bleach-water sit in the sills for a few minutes. The mold and mildew came right out, but I'm worried about it hiding in the places I can't see. Yuck!

If anyone has a good, cost-effective solution to stopping mold and mildew in double-pane apartment windows, I'm listening. We always run our fans when we take showers or use the laundry. I vent the stove if something is steaming excessively. Short of not breathing, I don't know what else to do to stop the black mold. Does rubbing alcohol work better than bleach? I've read that bleach is still the best mold/mildew killer... help!

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