Friday, December 11, 2009

Muffins Muffins Everywhere

It's going to be a crazy twenty-four hours for me between this evening and tomorrow. We're headed to our friends' apartment this evening for a couples game night and dinner. After I get home, it's on to a shower and a tiny bit of relaxing before getting up at the crack of dawn to make six dozen mini-muffins for my family Christmas gathering tomorrow. Lemon poppyseed and blueberry types, fresh from the oven at 8am. I'd strive for 7am, but let's be realistic. Sunday morning (or Saturday evening) Mass if we can make it, and then to Portland Sunday night if the weather doesn't keep us in. We have a wedding to go to that evening, and hopefully we'll make it home without trouble. We have stashed family along I-5 between Portland and Corvallis, so we're always less than ten minutes from a couch to crash on if the roads ice over. ;)

AND THEN! I am taking Monday off. Because, seriously, a weekend without rest is worthless. I will be back as soon as the hubbub has died down, so if it's a few days, don't worry. I'm makin' muffins!

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