Monday, December 14, 2009

The Not-So-Big Christmas Extravaganza

We've been busy the last three days! Friday night included sidewalk skating as Corvallis was a frozen mess. We put on some slick-soled shoes and slid everywhere for the fun of it. We also played some games with friends, ate delicious tacos, and conversed until our eyelids grew heavy. It was a fun (cold!) night.

Saturday dawned too early for me as I made six dozen muffins for my family's Christmas gathering. Due to weather, we had to push back the festivities a couple hours, but the roads were fine by noon. I gave Dad a haircut before the party, and Mom let me lick the turkey wings clean (they're too much of a hassle to bother with most of the time). We arrived to Grandma's around 2pm followed by aunts and uncles and one solitary cousin of the near-dozen on that side. From then until 9pm, we ate, talked, rested, ate, rested, ate, talked, ate... so much good food! I had almost forgotten how yummy baked rice is, but Grandma totally saved the day for me. There was some drinking, some singing, some cell-phone-caroling. Mostly eating. Yum!

Sunday included a drive up to Clackamas for a friend's wedding (Congratulations Ian!). The Man and I used a BOGO coupon to stuff ourselves (again) at Sweet Tomatoes. We reconnected with friends at the wedding, did a bit of dancing, and we even had a few long hours in the car to resolve a several-day discussion we'd been having. We weren't disagreeing, just discussing. That's an important distinction to make. :)

I took today, Monday, off. I needed it. We slept until 10am. I made more muffins for the Christmas party at work tomorrow. We went to a couple appointments and meetings before deciding to take the evening off and relax. I miss relaxing.

I am not, however, hungry.

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Ian Oberst said...

Thanks! Mandi and I were glad you could make it!