Friday, December 18, 2009

Our First Christmas Tree

We put up a Christmas tree on Thanksgiving Day evening, a four-foot pre-lit fake tree. We thought about getting a real tree, but by the time we purchased lights, water, a tree stand, and the tree itself, there's no way we could have had a tree for the $25 we spent. The tree skirt and our stockings were made by my aunt, and most of the ornaments on our tree were from another aunt. Our tree has no particular theme, just ornaments and white lights. The one ornament shown here looks like a raindrop, a very sparkley, ribbon-covered drop. It's one of my favorite ornaments.

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MissKris said...

Very pretty! I bought a 32" fiber optic artificial tree at Walmart last week for $20. Fits perfectly up on top of the stereo out of reach of Cooper's inquisitive fingers. We put nothing on it...the rotating color wheel inside the base has the colors changing constantly and is 'decoration' enough. I have about 5 bins of Christmas stuff in the can help yourself to it, ha!