Sunday, December 20, 2009

Ready for the Holidays

We had a busy weekend here at Chez Jaggy. I took last Friday off from work so that we could get even more accomplished. We finished our Christmas shopping on Friday morning before heading up to Salem to meet The Man's Mom. I transferred off my parents' cell phone plan onto a plan with The Man and his mom, plus I picked out a new phone. Not sure if I like the Motorola Karma yet, but it's been interesting to learn the quirks. The alarm feature doesn't work very well, but the sound quality for calls and music is very good. I have more to learn. We helped The Man's Mom (TMM?) decorate their house for Christmas and pick out a tree on a nearby tree lot. She made us a delicious stir-fry for dinner. We got home late that evening.

Saturday was busy as well. I wrapped all of the presents and put them under our tree. I put the new bubble lights on our little Christmas tree, and those really made the tree fun and exciting. We cleaned a bit, and I threw in two loads of laundry. The afternoon found me painting and decorating a few more gifts. In the evening, we went grocery shopping before heading into Albany where we went to Grandma's. I made the three of us tacos for dinner. Grandma gave us her grocery list, and we did her shopping. We visited a while and ate some yummy homemade cinnamon bread (thanks, Grandma!). Another late night out.

Sunday arrived later than I anticipated, but sleeping in felt soooo good. We had leftover cinnamon bread for breakfast (in bed). We snuggled and watched Mythbusters for a while before finally getting motivated to do two more loads of laundry, clean the apartment, and work on the second-to-last crafty gift. I have one project left to do! ...and dinner to make, cards to get, and Mass this evening.

After all that, I still don't feel productive. Something must be wrong with me!

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lavonne said...

I stop by occasionally to see what your up to and I love your writing. It sounds like your lovin' life and I hope you have a great Christmas.