Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Snippets from Last Night

*Note: Please take the three following snippets of last night with a light heart. I was not offended or bothered by any of the following moments. They were funny to me. :)


The Man and I were driving to the grocery store right after I got off work when this happened:
The Man: I have a question.
Me: Okay...
The Man: Why are most goats named Betty?
Me: What?
The Man: All the goats I know are named Betty.
Me: What goats?!

He's not exactly country-fried, so the idea of my dear husband seeing a goat--let alone being on a first-name basis with one--scared me. By the way, that's the entire conversation. There was never some sort of resolution where he explained to me how he knows Betty1 or Betty2. There was never a follow-up question. The whole thing fizzled into me being completely stupefied by the idea of goats named Betty.


Later, we were laying on the couch talking about whether I suffer from PMS or if it's him that suffers when I am 'suffering' too. I was curled up in my fleece blankey with my head on his lap. He looked down at me and giggled, "You look like a bug in it's cocoon right before it hatches." (An improvement on him telling me I look like a sea monster, I think not.) I laughed at him and opened my mouth with, "Yeah? Well what am I going to turn into?" He didn't even miss a beat. "A bitch!" referring to my PMS-y-ness. Yeah. Next time stick to sea monster, bucko.


We reached a new low last night in the kitchen. The Man begged me to buy him cookie dough at the store so he could eat it raw with his friend when they get together to play video games. Cookie dough is expensive, so I told him it'd be cheaper to make it at home. As much as I love Toll House cookie dough, homemade stuff is always better. We pulled out the stand mixer and whipped up a batch of chocolate chip cookie dough from scratch. We made cookie dough for the sole intent of not baking it. I wasted baking soda, a leavening ingredient, on the dough. Not that baking soda is expensive, but I have to wonder if it really made a difference in raw dough. Oh, and yes, we did put both eggs in. We are eating raw dough with raw eggs. And neither of us are sick.

Yeah, I made cookie dough for the purpose of not baking it, but to give to other people to eat raw. That's a whole new hilarious low in my opinion.


MissKris said...

The goats I've known in my lifetime have either been named "Billy" or "Old"...take your pick, haha!

You just wait...the longer you're married, the weirder the Man's questions will get.

Merry Christmas, you two lovebirds!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas, from Mom!

Michael said...

That goat conversation would have baffled me i'm sure lol.

Anonymous said...

I make cookie dough, brownie batter, and cake batter all for the purpose of eating it raw (with real eggs too!). There is nothing wrong with this at all and I think it's probably much more common than you think.

Lisa Starr said...

i've made many batches of cookie dough (with real eggs) just to eat raw. i've also made many batches with the intent of baking it, but once everyone gets their fill of dough, there isn't really enough left to bother baking it. who wants the last bit of dough?!!?