Sunday, January 10, 2010

All Red

I didn't feel well a couple weekends ago, so The Man went to a wedding reception without me. The tables all had red and white roses on them, so he asked the Mother of the Bride if he could take one of each as he was leaving since his wife was sick at home. The MoB (who he new well, otherwise he'd never have asked) graciously offered him more, but one of each was enough he said. He walked into the bedroom when he got home and woke me up with roses. I was surprised since we have a general "no flowers, they're too expensive and not really worth it" policy. He put the flowers in a vase were they sat in all their amazing color for nearly two weeks. The stems ended up giving out before the blooms! Pictured is the red rose. As you can see, it's stunningly red. I had a difficult time getting any contrast and enough lighting to show shadow and highlights. The end result is largely unenhanced (I sharpened the picture a tad and cropped it, nothing else).

In case I forgot to tell Mr. Wonderful this in my headache-induced sleepyness: thank you for the flowers.

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