Saturday, January 09, 2010

Best Friends are Good

The last twenty-four hours have seen us sharing our lives with several of our friends. Last night included dinner and games with friends and newcomers, and today saw us in Eugene with longtime friends. I played my first-ever drinking game (pop for me, thanks) and lost miserably twice at Apples to Apples. We chatted, ate great food, shared stories, and vented.

The Man and I are incredibly fortunate to have great friends, and we're thankful time and again for those strong relationships. We're glad we have people who share their lives, good and bad, and that they respect us and our decisions even though they might differ from their own.

It's been a busy, wonderful, fun two days, but I have clean sheets and a good book, so it's alone time for me until bed. Yay for good friends!

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