Monday, January 18, 2010

Every Holiday was Celebrated

While cleaning the bedroom closet this weekend, I made a point of going through every greeting card I've kept. I should rephrase that and say that we went through every greeting card sent to me ever. Mom kept the cards from my baby shower even. We had a stack over two feet tall to sift through. I sorted them into piles by sender. My Aunt D had the largest stack with grandparents and Mom coming in a close second. I noticed that one set of grandparents tended to give me interactive cards with mazes or coin slots or something fun in them. The other set of grandparents either made the cards or personalized them in some way. Aunt D, though, wow. Every birthday, Valentine's Day, Easter, and Christmas, and quite a few Halloween cards (even though my birthday is three days after Halloween). I couldn't keep the stack upright! My life story could be told in Hallmark cards (and yes, the vast majority of the cards were genuine Hallmarks).

We went through all of our wedding shower and wedding cards, keeping the ones with nice messages or from special people. I tossed most of the little cards that were attached to gift bags though. I chucked all of the Christmas cards from old coworkers... no offense, but if I can't remember who they are, the card goes. "Love your friend Susie." Susie who?

I also rediscovered the two cards given to me from my husband while we were dating. Neither of us really enjoy reading wordy cards, so his were the most simple: I (heart) U. He'd cut the hearts out of shiny yogurt lids. They were pretty awesome and still make me smile.

I still don't understand the yogurt lid bit, but then again I don't always understand him. Oh well.

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MissKris said...

Your last paragraph cracked me up! Welcome to the world of wifehood!