Sunday, January 03, 2010

Gingerbread (Graham Cracker) House

I really wanted to build a gingerbread house this year, but Michael's didn't have any left on Christmas Eve-Eve when I went to the store (the Christmas stuff must have been taking up too much floor space with their Valentine's Day crap already out). I went home defeated. The following day my sister came over to help me build cupcakes. I had some leftover graham crackers (don't know how old those are, but they have a nearly infinite shelf life from my experience). We had a bit of extra frosting as well. What to do, what to do?

Graham cracker house! As you can see, we had a lot of pink (red, -ish, ha) frosting left over. We first trimmed the crackers to create the appropriate shapes: rectangles for the roof and side walls, and two pentagons for the odd-shaped ends. No measuring for the pentagons... we eyeballed it. We used white frosting for all the cracker glue, thus bits of white showing under the pink frosting. My sister using a not-so-fancy Ziplock bag piping technique to create her awesome House o' Love 'n' Cheer (my title, not her favorite). As a final touch, she later piped turd trees around the tin foil landscape. They were pink, turd-like trees. Hilarious!

Oh, and graham crackers with leftover frosting: delicious! I think I'd rather eat those than gingerbread just about any day. Mom always made them into sandwiches. She had the edible shape down much better than we did: our house thingy didn't actually get eaten.

But it was FREE! Wilton Gingerbread House Kits, take that!


lavonne said...

I think it looks cute and respectable. I settled for a spice cake mix in a bundt pan shaped like a gingerbread house. LOL. I used to do the gingerbread thing but it is too much work.

cm0978 said...

Add chocolate to it somehow and you've got my vote!