Tuesday, January 26, 2010

"I want to do the taxes." "No, you did them last year, it's my turn!"

We think we have all of our tax information so we'll get to work on them soon. Hopefully the refund will be big since we're two people living on my one income (and lemme tell ya, state employees aren't nearly as well-paid as we're made out to be). I think we both get excited around tax time. The Man has an MBA, and I am very detailed about filing taxes, so we were actually sort of in a spat about who could do the taxes last night. Not a real fight, nothing big, but we resolved to both be present for any and all tax preparation sessions. It's only fair to both be involved, plus it's an awesome double-check with every calculation or decision. We'll be using TaxSlayer to file (it's cheap, it's awesome, and it's fast!). No, we won't be helping anyone else file their taxes: we won't be responsible for someone else's taxes.

How many couples do you know that discuss who gets to file taxes because they're excited to do them? We're weird, I just know it.

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