Thursday, January 07, 2010

Meal Planning Rocks!

I finally drew the line in mud. Not concrete, not sand, just mud. I guess that means I'm mostly serious about putting my foot down or something...

Anyway, I am tired of asking the question, "What do you want for dinner?" and having no or little response. The Man is great at thinking of parts of meals, usually stating "chicken" or "pasta" without thinking through a full meal plan. I can often think of three or four things to make, but I don't want to eat chicken five nights in a row.

My new plan involves sitting down once a week or two and planning lunches and dinners for a given amount of time. I schedule foods out so that we can have leftovers for lunches or for busy nights, and then I can cook a bunch of meat at once or prep veggies for more than one night. Plus, I can get all of the shopping done in one trip (except milk, butter, and maybe eggs) when things we need are on sale. The list stays on the fridge so The Man never has to ask what's for dinner.

I'm only a week into this new plan (not a resolution, mind you, just happened to coincide), and I love it! The thought involved is hefty at one end and super light for the rest of the week. I can't complain about having more time in the evenings and spending less at the grocery store either.

What did we eat in our first week?
Saturday: Homemade chicken noodle soup
Sunday: Leftover soup and homemade bread
Monday: Date Night Out (Chinese)
Tuesday: Pancakes (The Man cooked)
Wednesday: Steak and potatoes with corn
Thursday: Homemade pizzas
Friday: Baked alfredo chicken and broccoli

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cm0978 said...

Planning that meal never gets easier! The Father also thinks in one-item sentences. "I'll pick up a chicken from Costco" as though that solves the whole "what's for dinner" problem! I found a cookbook that has 52 weeks of healthy menus (it's a book for diabetics). While I won't make any of the fish recipes, most of the rest seem pretty good. I'm hoping it will help me with the decision-making process. Encourage The Man to make different items so he has more in his repertoire than just pancakes!