Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My Life With the Saints: A Book Review

It's not often I wish a book would never end.

For my baptism, my mother-in-law gifted me My Life With the Saints by James Martin S.J. The Man and I started reading it together since we both wanted to read it so badly, and now, seven months later, we have finally finished the book. We took turns reading aloud, some nights a full chapter, and some months only a small section (kinda got sidetracked with the whole "getting married" bit in the fall).

Each chapter is about a different saint, a different encounter that Martin has experienced, a vivid history and richness in storytelling so rare in biographical books. Indeed, the book is as autobiographical as it is about other lives. The interweaving of present and past made the book relevant as well as inspirational. Even if you don't believe in saints, you can learn something from the history, the people who really lived incredible lives.

We've started into some of Scott Hahn's books now, and they're much too heady and wordy compared to Martin's eloquence. I don't mean to gush, but the guy has a way with words! We gave a new copy of the book to some friends who got married on the same day we did, and hopefully they'll get as much out of it as we did.

My Life With the Saints is one of the most informative and pleasurable books I've ever read, and I highly recommend reading James Martin S.J. next time you have a hankering for information about your faith.

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