Monday, January 04, 2010


Last night, I tuned in to watch Food Network's Worst Cook in America. While the show itself isn't half-bad, I'm more interested in the "train wreck factor" than the actual cooking. While I was watching, The Man came into the bedroom. I asked him quietly, "Hon, do you think I am one of the worst cooks in the country?" He responded quickly with an expletive and lots of no's (shut up, apostrophe police). My ego lifted slightly. Thnking about it, I asked him, "hon, do you think I should be the next Iron Chef?" He laughed. Heartily laughed. Guess not. ;)

This weekend included a fresh batch of homemade cookies. I baked the dough (for once) into snickerdoodles. The Man has only eaten my chocolate-type cookies, never these before. They're Mom's secret recipe (from Grandma?) and are super delicious. I baked them until they were about half-done, then left them on the pan for a minute before transferring the gooey cookies to the cooling racks. Before they were even cooled, The Man had stacked four high on a plate and began eating. He had a total of eight and I had a couple that evening. They're a bit more firm today, but still sooooooo soft and perfect.

Though I have made some less-than-tasty food, what cook hasn't? The Man never goes hungry, and I think we eat pretty well. Snickerdoodles included!

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