Friday, January 22, 2010

TGIF, no really

Was this really a four-day week? I swear it was seven or eight from last Monday to today. Our weekend plans are varied and usual... nothing super exciting. We're learning to love weekends at home without too much craziness. Of course, a good adventure never hurts, and we might just get one Saturday evening, but we shall see.

My night includes feeding a bunch of boys, entertaining myself while they play video games, and then perhaps a movie if I'm feeling daring. Or if I'm still awake.

Because I really don't want to be awake beyond say, 6pm. My week was that good. :)


Lockwood said...

Hope this comment (6:34 pm) finds you soundly asleep. :D

MissKris said...

My daughter's week was just that good, too. She would sympathize.