Wednesday, January 27, 2010

There are no movies about corrupt firemen

How many movies can you name about corrupt cops? About corrupt businessmen, lawyers, politicians, or even parents? There are dozens if not hundreds. In fact, the storyline about the corrupt cop seems easy to retell: five or six guys on the squad figure out that one or two guys are scamming from the pension fund, set them up to get busted if they're not let in on the money, and then they all end up corrupted. In the end, all of the bad cops are either jailed or killed, usually after a 3.07 minute car chase and a shoot-out. Yeah. I've seen a few of them.

But have you ever seen a movie about a corrupt fireman? I could be wrong, but I can't think of any. Why do you guess this is?


cm0978 said...

Because it's not as much fun watching a fire truck chase? Because fireman don't carry weapons? Because they are too hunky? Because there is one thing that is untouchable by the media?

Jaggy said...

It's not the chase: every movie involving a fire has a firetruck-racing-through-the-streets-to-the-rescue scene.

Firemen carry a different weapon: water. They aren't armed, not that I know about anyway, so I think this helps create the "good guy" image.

Hunky... matter of opinion, but I think it's a pretty consistent opinion. That may be why all the firefighting movies have hunks in them (and why Johnny Depp will never be in one--hunky but scrawny).

For me, I agree it's all about the last one. The media won't touch firefighters because, in the end, discrediting firefighters puts us all at risk, even the reporter and cameraman. We all want to--and need to--feel like the Good Guys are on our side.

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen a movie about corrupt firemen. I have seen a TV show that had some, a few of the firemen stole a bunch of jewelry from a store, while it was burning down, The owner reported that all the missing jewelry was destroyed in the fire. Ohh yeah to add to it there was also a murder in that story

Skunk said...

This is quite possibly my favorite blog entry you've ever posted. :)

Jeff W said...

What about the movie Backdraft? Wasn't the chief fireman (spoiler alert :p ) the one setting the arson fires or something? Maybe because their station was going to get closed down? It's been awhile since I've seen it.