Friday, February 05, 2010

Calling all Wedding Rants!

As this is the wedding off-season and none of my friends are getting married any time soon, I thought I'd finally blog a series of posts concerning what I feel are wedding no-nos. At present, I have seven or eight topics to start this rant fest, but I'm looking for more! We all have ideas about what we do or don't like at weddings, and I would love some reader input.

Based on your experiences with wedding planning, wedding participation, and wedding attendance, what are some of your pet peeves? Do you dislike the bride in white? Do you hate hired DJs? Are you fed up with certain traditions? Do you wish people would take weddings more or less seriously? What are your rants?

A few quick rules:
1) Don't pick on a single person or couple. C'mon, a one-time event may not have been what you liked, but allow for a little uniqueness...

2) Don't pick on the institution of marriage. Some people don't like "marriage," and I respect that. But without marriage, there would be no weddings, and thus no ranting. So shhh for now.

3) Feel free to comment a suggestion that you only want me to see. I moderate comments, so if you say "for your eyes only," I'll keep it to myself. I do reserve the right to take your comment or suggestion and, if I agree with it, put it into my own words with my own take on it.

So! Newlyweds, married people, male readers (I know you're out there!), eternal bridesmaids, and still-waiting-for-Mr. Right-brides, post your comments now! What do you dislike about weddings?


MissKris said...

I got married in one of my brothers' houses because he had a fireplace and I liked the idea of having a fireplace in the background. I wore an off-the-rack dress I bought for $49. Not even a real wedding dress. Dear Hubby wore a white jean suit. We had a barbecue in the back yard afterwards. About 25 close friends and family. A blow-out reception about a month later with something like 250-300 people then...but a 'traditionalist' when it comes to weddings? Nope, not me. Even now I rarely go to them and don't enjoy them much when I HAVE to go. Seems pretty stupid, the amount of money spent. Elope and use the money that would've been spent on a down-payment for a house or something...sheeeeeesh. I'm too practical minded for a female, I guess. Grew up around too many males.

I got a chance to go view your wedding photos...thanks so much for sending me the link! I enjoyed sharing your day, even a few months afterwards! ((HUG))

KP said...

The garter toss needs to go. Catching a piece of a friend's or a friend's wife's underwear is just weird. Even weirder when it is a relative.

Skunk said...

Pet peeve # 1: The requirement to keep all the family members happy, as if the focus is more on grandma and aunt so-in-so rather than the bride and groom.

Pet peeve #2: Having some friend or family member sing at your wedding. In my opinion, unless they are insanely good, save they awkwardness for some other less stressful occasion.

Pet peeve #3: Having so many attendants, they're distracting. Unless you have 7 REALLY close sisters or brothers, it's obvious to see that the last girl on the far left was just "filler".

I'm sure I have more things I hate about weddings, but this is all I can think of for now.

Strayer said...

I've never been to a wedding I can remember. Maybe one once as a child.