Monday, February 01, 2010

Our Wedding Photos are DONE!

We will be putting a link on our wedding website as soon as they are available online. Thanks to everyone for being patient. We struggled each day hoping that we'd get to relive some of the joy on our wedding day, and last night the moment finally arrived. Both of us were asked about the photos dozens of times, so we are glad the pictures are done.

Again, the photos will be posted to a 3rd-party website shortly, so if you're in-the-know, you'll be able to see them soon. A link will be provided to you on our wedding website (not here). Prints can be ordered through the photographer directly. While the prints are a bit pricey, we're told his printer is better than most commercial printers. You will not be able to order prints through us or get the originals to take to a store and order in the store.

Please give us just a couple more days to make sure everything's finalized. You will be able to see them soon. The wedding photos are done, yay!

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