Sunday, February 07, 2010

The search for a Wii

The Man and I discussed at length our options for our tax return. We knew we'd be saving most of it, but after considering what we wanted and needed most, we've determined we should get a Wii. The decision was easier than we thought it would be as we still have wedding money we can use for clothes. While a gaming system might not sound responsible or "worth it," hear me out.

Even after we purchase the entire set-up we want including the Wii Fit package and extra controllers, charging dock, and a few games, we're still going to be putting over 70% of our tax return directly into our high-interest savings account. We searched and price shopped only to find that Wii consoles never go on sale. They are between $199.00 and $199.99 everywhere. The controllers occasionally go on sale, but the prices are usually within $5 of each other--including online prices after shipping. We considered a few different things, but the gaming system was agreed upon early and without reservation from both of us.

Decision made, we went out this weekend to do some spending! ...Except nobody had Wii consoles in stock. Nobody has MarioKart in stock. Nobody had a single Wii Fit in stock. We only found two controllers, and those didn't include Wii Motion Plus. UGH!

One store clerk informed us that Nintendo is "remarketing" by the end of the month with another big push. They purposely had limited stock for Christmas and the after-Christmas season so that prices wouldn't drop. Now they can put out more stock and not have it go on sale. Meanwhile, we're stuck in waiting mode with our names on a list hoping that a console and balance board come in.

Part of me finds a tiny bit of humor in the fact that I, Queen-of-the-Non-Gamers, am on the search for a Wii and none can be found. I'd take it as a sign, but I'd rather play the games.

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miss carly said...

oh goodness! that is cheap! over here the console is around $349! with wii fit plus another $180 ish. we were lucky that when we bought ours we traded in some old xbox360 games :) so rather than being $520 it was only $350. i love the wii fit plus. i do an hour most days :)