Saturday, February 20, 2010

Wedding Rant: Week Recap

Wedding Rant Week seemed to go over pretty well. Quite a few people said they agreed with me (yay!), and several politely disagreed. I respect those who were polite about their disagreements and thank them for being brave enough to share their opinions with me.

Concessions and amendments:
-Flip flops are still out of the question, but I'll agree with Skunk that nylons are optional for the bride. Some girls just don't fit in them, they're itchy and hot, they're not comfortable, and they don't keep women warm. They're expensive, delicate, nearly unwashable, smell weird, and don't really do anything but make the legs look the same color all over (some unnatural shade, of course). But the groom better wear socks in those rental shoes, yuck!

-1 Corinthians 13: I still don't like the passage at weddings. Allow me to clarify my thoughts. In the passage, St. Paul gives several examples of Godly love. We, as humans, can strive all we want for the perfection of this type of love, but we will undoubtedly fall short. I'm not saying St. Paul doesn't give a good picture of love (or God), but that expecting perfection from a human--a spouse in this case--is setting yourself up for failure. Furthermore, I think the passage paints too rosy a picture of love. In the same way that God isn't always nice when he's being just, I don't always have to be nice to love someone. If The Man and I are arguing, it doesn't mean I don't love him. Disagreeing with him, even outright fighting with him, doesn't mean love isn't fully present. In fact, I'd argue that our love is stronger when we overcome moments of injustice and meanness and, yes, loathing the very existence of the other. Godly love never fails, but we, as humans, fall short of that glory. Our human love can fail.

-Wedding announcements in the newspaper: what exactly is a "double ring" ceremony that I keep reading about? Does that mean that both the bride and the groom receive a new un-worn ring on their wedding day? Does it mean the bride gets her second ring and the groom now wears his ring? Does it mean the bride gets to now wear two rings (regardless of the groom's ring status)?

And would our wedding be a "double ring" ceremony? I got an engagement ring that IS my wedding ring: I took it off just before the ceremony and then got it back during the ceremony. The Man wore his wedding ring as an engagement ring before the wedding: He took his off just before the ceremony and got it back later just like me. We both wore rings before the wedding and now wear the same rings as married people. The only difference is that now the rings are blessed. And we're married. But doubly? You tell me.

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