Sunday, February 28, 2010

Weekend Deliciousness

The last three days have included good friends, awesome food, super-good sales, baking madness, and plenty of fun. I call that a successful weekend!

To follow up on my last post, our Wii Fit arrived. We have both had a chance to do the fitness tests and play a few of the activities. So far I love the non-trainer games the best: aerobics and balance. The strength training activities are difficult for a beginner as they incorporate balance so heavily. The yoga is nice when I want a break, plus it's actually not too hard to learn the moves and do them correctly (yay!). I got a solid half-hour work-out this morning and feel awesome. It was fun!

Friday night included dinner and girl time. The Man had a couple of his friends over. After fish sticks and rice, a cheap but filling Lenten meal, the guys played video games while the girls made cupcakes and watched a movie. We made pink petit-fours-esque cuteness using a couple new icing techniques I'd never tried before. French vanilla batter and pink vanilla frosting. Everyone really enjoyed them.

We went grocery shopping on Saturday morning before heading up to Tigard for the weekend's big shopping adventure. I dragged The Man into a JoAnn's Superstore where we walked up and down just about every aisle. The fabric section there was as big as the entire JoAnn's store in Albany, and the cake/cupcake/brownie aisles had mountains of things I'd never seen before. Even the wedding section was twice the size of anything I've seen around these parts. I didn't even come close to spending my $20 budget, which was nice, and I still got three things I really wanted.

After JoAnn's, we mosied over to Washington Square where we encountered the insanity of faaaar too many people not knowing where they were going, not knowing what their children were doing, not knowing which side of the aisle to walk on, and what store they were in. Seriously, the desire to spend-spend-spend on Chinese crap was more than evident. We had our fill of the madness and went over to JC Penney's furniture store. Miraculously no screaming babies in strollers with zombie parents over there. We didn't see anything to buy (in our price range, d'oh!).

After a while, The Man's brother met up with us. The three of us joined E & D, my college roommate and her husband, for dinner at Gustav's. We ordered fondue, spaetzle, sausage, salads, and plenty of pop. All of the food was good, though the sausage was excellent. Great conversation and lots of catching up. I miss having friends I can talk to so openly... it's one thing to talk to my own husband, but it's nice having someone else to talk to as well. As wonderful as The Man is, he just doesn't get some things. He also doesn't have a psychology degree like E. ;)

We got home at a decent time, so we broke out our other new Wii game (that The Man got for $5!!!). We played the new Super Mario Bros. until 10pm when I went to sleep. I was exhausted.

Sunday has been relaxing. I did a considerable amount of research into the Wilton cake decorating kits. I've narrowed the list down to one or two kits that will make a more-or-less complete set for my purposes. The kits aren't quite in my budget, but with coupons and a really good sale, I might be able to get what I want by Christmas. Breaking into a new hobby always means start-up costs. Plus I don't feel I need to be eating so much cake, so I'm not sure I really want to do any of this anyway. The research was very helpful.

I made a loaf of bread this afternoon, did five loads of laundry, edited some photos, and cleaned the kitchen top-to-bottom. I even wiped out the refrigerator, something I'm told most people only do twice a year, yuck! We have dinner, Mass, and a movie to get through tonight, so the weekend is not yet over. Thankfully.

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MissKris said...

One of Life's sad realities is that weekends go by way too fast. Like my daughter said last nite, "Why can't we work two days a week and have 5 off?" But don'tcha know...people would never be content with that either, ha!