Sunday, February 21, 2010

Wii've been busy lately!

The last week passed nearly uneventfully. We got our Wii, and I've gone from not really knowing how to control my character on Mario Kart to being able to successfully win several levels and unlock a few new levels, cars, and characters. I even beat my husband once, shhh, don't tell.

Our wedding photographer finally gave us our long-awaited wedding album. While the quality of the print job and the durability of the binding is superb, I was disappointed that the album looks like it was composed on Snapfish or Shutterfly. There is a sterility of the modern printed photo pages that makes me sad. I like having texture and depth and the traditional feel of a real photo album. SO! I waited for a couple awesome sales and purchased a leather-bound scrapbook album, some black and white printed paper that matched our wedding theme, and printed dozens of pictures on my own printer. $35 later, I have myself a stupendous curl-up-in-a-cozy-chair-to-view scrapbook of our wedding. It tells the whole story from our engagement to our honeymoon complete with captions and shiny things. I was able to put in 40 12"x12" pages with as many pictures as I wanted in whatever layout I desired... the same thing on Shutterfly was $99.99. Who says DIY is overrated? Job well done, I say!

We had a friend over for pizza and a movie last night, and he splurged on a dessert pizza. It was all super yummy, and the movie was even good, too.

We've submitted our wedding announcement to two local newspapers (finally), ordered our wedding prints, and ordered my long-awaited cut crystal wedding ring stand, so now I have a special place to set my ring down when I go to sleep at night (it catches the sheets and scratches if I don't take it off). We bought more picture frames using leftover gift cards, so now we have pretty frames for the walls. We also bought some new curtains for the living room window. The sheets have finally disappeared for good, thank God.

I spent four hours in the kitchen yesterday whipping up homemade soft pretzels, a new recipe that The Man loooooooooooooves. I think I'm his favorite person at the moment. Just wait 'til he finds out I ate his leftover pizza. ;)

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