Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Almost Not Missing in Action

I'm back in contacts today, thankfully. I wore glasses all morning and switched to contacts at noon. They seated nicely without too much itching throughout the afternoon. Yay!

My right eye feels normal, and the left eye is 80% normal. I'm going to continue rinsing it a couple times a day for a few more days, but I shouldn't have any insane swelling tonight like the last two nights.

I was all set to have five or six days of tidepool pictures, but allergies interrupted my flow, as always. Tomorrow, though, pictures tomorrow.

Tonight includes a dance lesson, yummy homemade salads, and more stitching. I learned to do a satin stitch last night and will need more work on it. At least I'm excellent with the stem stitch--only seventeen more miles of that stuff to do!

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cm0978 said...

Satin stitch -- my bete noir. Marilyn LOVES to do satin stitch. I had a project once that had satin stitch for a ribbon and she cheerfully offered to do it for me. Needless to say, I handed it over with alacrity!

Hope the eyes continue to get better. For the last two nights, I have not been able to sleep soundly. Consequently by noon I can hardly keep my eyes open at work. Feel much better when I leave!