Monday, March 15, 2010

Another weekend gone, another week to go.

Saturday was busy for us. We went to Albany to visit Dad, cut his and The Man's hair, and have my car's oil changed. While I'm quite capable of changing my own oil, Dad has the tools and space to make the job a lot easier, so he does it for me. Likewise, he could go get his hair cut, but I have the tools and skill, so I do the job for him. Saves us all a lot of money! My sister gave me quite the make-over with her new make-up products. She broke me out of my neutrals with a smokey purple color, plenty of shadow and some soft eyeliner. It was dramatic! (Thanks, sis!)

We stopped to see Mom at Grandma's where they were busy visiting, then we buzzed home for dinner. We watched a great documentary about four filmmakers and their search for the legendary John Hughes. Both of us were rather glued to the TV throughout the documentary. While the ending was neither happy nor satisfying, it was quite an ending.

Sunday morning dawned too early (stupid time change!), and we roused ourselves to meet The Man's brother for a movie. We actually went out to see Green Zone. All three of us really enjoyed it. Hungry, we returned to the apartment for some Zuppatoni (my tuscan soup) and video games. I snoozed in the rocker after dinner. After showering and a little more napping, I watched two documentaries about the life of Christ. Neither were very well done (plus too many commercials!).

Not exactly a thrilling weekend, but we had a good time visiting and watching movies. Can't really ask for more, can ya?

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