Friday, March 19, 2010

Embroidery, Too

While The Man works on learning to cross stitch, I've been learning to embroider. There are things I like and things I could live without when it comes to embroidering. I love the freedom of being able to decide where and how to make a stitch. I don't like removing stitches from fabric nearly as much as Aida cloth. I am learning to appreciate the challenge of keeping the back side of my work as neat as the front side, and I'm not doing a bad job of it either.

I pulled out the tea towels my grandma stitched for me before she lost her eyesight to Macular Degeneration. The stitches are so much more even than mine, but I must say her back sides aren't very neat. She was much more precise with her needle placement, a sign of practice I imagine. Hopefully by the end of this first five towel project, I'll have gained some of the experience necessary to make more even work.

Feelin' all domesticated, indeed.

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Mom of Three said...

I've cross stitched for 23 years. I haven't done it in a couple of years. I've been itching to lately. The reason has been I've been trying other things. I have learned loom knitting, which has been great because I have made hats and scarves. I have also learned basic embroidery, and that has been great because I have made some fantastic retro kitchen towels. You know the kids with the Scotties? From the 30s? They have the carbon transfers at Joann and they are only $1.29 or something a package and can be used over and over. I have also done pillowcases.

I've really enjoyed it, but I think this year I would like to pick up the cross stitch again and do more Celtic stuff for the house.