Saturday, March 06, 2010

I Found A Man Craft

As most readers know, I'm a crafter. I'm a Michael's and JoAnn's junkie. And I don't really discriminate in my crafting: sewing, paper crafts (especially origami), beads, wooden figures, painting and drawing, and clay sculpting. One of my favorite things to do is browse a craft store looking for new ideas, drawing inspiration from familiar products. I'm a crafter through-and-through.

My husband, however, is not a crafter. He dreads the words, "just a quick stop at Michael's for one thing." He doesn't understand, gets frustrated when I try to explain crafting, and could care less when it comes to how much I enjoy creating things (he appreciates my talent and when we save money by my making things instead of buying them though).

Today, we made a quick stop at JoAnn's to look at Easter crafts. He wandered off for a while before coming back so we could check out and leave. As we were walking out of the store he asked, "What is it that your dad does with that wooden stand in his recliner?" Needlepoint or cross-stitching, I said. I also pointed out that it's a relatively inexpensive craft. Just Aida cloth, embroidery thread, and needles, all of which can be found for a few dollars.

And that's when it hit me. Counted cross-stitch could be his man-craft so that he would want to go to craft stores with me! I knew he'd never be into stitching landscapes or flowers, so I thought for a moment. ...And then another lighting bolt! Guns. My husband loves guns. Dad has a neat cross-stitching program that converts images into stitching patterns, so I told The Man he could stitch a picture of a Glock (his gun of choice). I think he drooled with excitement.

I found a Man Craft. *fist pump*

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MissKris said...

How cool is that! Dear Hubby and I have never had any hobbies in common but we do share the love of certain things, like Nature. Whereas he may enjoy walking thru target ranges shooting his long bow or shooting guns, I love to sit and read and enjoy the peace and quiet in the beautiful settings. We did that yesterday, out near St. Helens...then stopped at a little store/restaurant on the way home and had dinner. A GORGEOUS drive along the Columbia! Next weekend is our grandson Dylan's 4th birthday but the weekend after we're planning on heading up to Mt. Hood to have a campfire and a picnic. Again, he can 'stump shoot' and I can sit in a lawn chair and read. To us, that's just about perfect.