Monday, March 01, 2010

A Letter to TLC's What Not to Wear

Dear TLC,
While I am a fan of several shows on your network, What Not to Wear has to be the worst show on TV. How dare you take professional, successful women and shame them for choosing to dress differently than the rest of the fashion sheep. How dare you throw away clothing that the women spent their time and hard-earned money to obtain. And how dare you chastise these women for failing to maintain your big-city make-overs longer than two weeks.

There are, in fact, some women who don't live in the big city, don't need to wear high heels to get promoted, and don't need to spend $500 on a jacket. There are some women who look radiant and glamorous without a lick of make-up. There are even some women who can get away with jeans and sweatshirts and look positively stunning. I'm not bashing dresses or looking nice or trying to empower women who wear overalls. My point is that the show needs to be pulled ASAP.

If you won't remove the show and stop trying to convince women to spend, smooth, and cover, at least invite me over to New York City as one of your fashion "victims." I want the show to feature a woman with curves who is modest--and not for religious reasons. I want the show to feature a woman who can wear jeans in a professional setting every day. Yes, jeans! Comfortable, wonderful, non-stretchy or dark wash jeans. I want the show to feature a woman who doesn't actually fit into "low rise" pants or tube tops. I also would like to see a woman featured who actually understands make-up, because not all of us are idiots about make-up application, some of us just use less of it than circus freaks. Lastly, I'd appreciate all of my clothing donated rather than being thrown violently into a trash bin. Though the clothes may not be what you pick out, they're still useable pieces of clothing that could help many people.

And if you could do a show about how to dress on a budget, a real budget based on what someone living at or below the poverty line makes, I'd be thrilled. Take your $5000 and shove it. Show me fashion on $10/month. Because that's all I have to maintain my glorious style.

Jaggy, Clothed and Fabulous


Dr. Weirdbeard said...

I personally think there's a show there worth merit - Frugally Fashionable, where the makeover showcases how to shop around, how to find off-brand stuff, and might have a special 5-minute interview with a small business that has particularly good deals and unique clothing/etc.

I could really use a man-makeover myself. My closet's getting old and whenever I hit the store it's all the same:
"limerick/stupid pee-wee herman style saying"
"clothing for Prince Edward"
"something I already own, only the stripes this time are horizontal"


mblake said...

Just wait until you are in your 40's and older - no decent clothes - decent colors - decent style. Hate to clothes shop!!!