Wednesday, March 17, 2010

One Stitch at a Time

Last night, after three crazy-fast trips around town to get all of our supplies and a pizza, we got home, ate dinner, worked out, and showered. We were totally settled down by 8pm when we emptied our shopping loot out on the table: embroidery hoop, seven super thick tea towels, 36 colors of floss, Aida cloth, and hot iron transfers. After trimming and taping some Aida cloth, weaving guide lines, and showing him how to do basic stitches, I turned The Man loose with his first cross stitching project. He's already done with one color and ready to start the next color in only one night! Granted, it's a small project, but his stitches are neat and precise, and he's working hard to not have to rip any more stitches out. (We've all been there!)

My project is a bit exciting as I've never done it before. I bought some hot iron transfers and tea towels so that I can embroider them. My grandma gave me a set a long time ago that I use all the time. They're the absolute best towels for drying dishes or cleaning glasses or wiping mirrors. Zero lint! Plus they're not terribly expensive. After the whole project is finished, I will only be out about $20, and the recipient will have one-of-a-kind cuteness. If only I can get them done by Easter... (Perhaps forcing myself to stitch will be a sort of penance, especially if I stab myself often with the needle--as I am so talented with sharp objects.)

The Man asked me if it was weird to see him stitching. I told him no, I didn't think it was weird. I don't know many people who have never cross stitched or embroidered, so it's not weird to me at all. Maybe some people have never seen a guy fish a needle through fabric, and maybe some people would consider it "woman's work," and maybe some people are just narrow-minded. Whatever opinions others may have, I'm proud and happy. :)

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