Friday, March 12, 2010


I'm still alive. Lots on my mind lately, plus lots keeping me busy. I have been trying to do a solid half-hour of Wii Fit every night in addition to making dinner, chores, relaxing, and the usual stuff. We're still teaching one one-hour dance lesson each week to my sister's boyfriend. He's proven himself a capable student. A few more lessons to go until he finishes his fourth dance in as many months. Not bad!

Recently, The Man and I have taken up puzzles. We found a few really good quality puzzles at the local dollar store, 500-piecers. Between the two of us, that's about a three-hour puzzle. My coworker was going to donate a dozen puzzles to Goodwill but thought to ask if anyone at work wanted them. I took the whole lot and will donate them when we're done with them. Mom and Dad have a few also that they're willing to share, but they have "keeper" puzzles. Knowing Dad's penchant for difficult and pretty puzzles, I have a feeling those puzzles will never be finished around these parts (The Man and I have almost zero patience between us).

I had a long week. Frustrations, joys, annoyances, killer banana bread and cookies, and not nearly enough sleep. We finished our first book (part of our Lenten reading plan), James Martin's autobiography, In Good Company: The Fast Track from the Corporate World to Poverty, Chastity, and Obedience. In a twist of fate, we saw the author being interviewed on national television tonight and both recognized him at the same time. Great story, hilarious at times, but definitely not a comedy. It's a real life, his life, neither glamorous nor dull, but his insight into what poverty is and how to approach a truly Christian life is inspiring. We were up to late reading some nights, thus the lack of sleep.

I'm definitely not going to be up late this weekend eve. (Just one more puzzle piece, then I'll go to bed. Just one more...)

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cm0978 said...

I have one you might be interested in. I'll send it down with Dr. Strangepork tomorrow.