Saturday, March 20, 2010

Restaurant Review: First Burger, Albany, Oregon

Mom and Dad took The Man and me to First Burger on 2nd 1st Street in Albany this evening. It's a small restaurant with about ten or fifteen tables, and it was busy without much of a wait through the dinner hour tonight. Mom, Dad, and I all had versions of the First Burger, their "original" house burger. Dad ordered his with bacon, Mom got hers with extra onion and my tomato, and I got mine naked with cheese (I'm a cheese-meat-bun girl). I did eat my pickles on the side, and they were very tasty. The Man got a Fatty Melt: a burger patty between two grilled cheese sandwiches. All of the burgers came with home fries with sea salt on them. At about $7-8 per plate, the price isn't bad. I was full but not stuffed. The atmosphere was nice, the service prompt, and the restaurant pretty clean. I am not a fan of the vinyl table tops, but they fit the decor nicely (glass just seems so much more sanitary, but I could be wrong). I liked that all of the food comes from local vendors and that the vendors are listed on a card on the table. Not sure if the beef was grass or grain fed, but it was delicious anyway. The Man really liked his Fatty Melt, but for the price we could probably do that one at home anyway.

Though the food wasn't extraordinary, I'd go back. 7 out of 10.

(But I still would rather have the bakery that used to exist in that building. They had the BEST maple bars, almost a foot long!)

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Skunk said...

I miss Maryanna's SOOOO very very much! One of the greatest things Albany ever had...