Sunday, March 21, 2010

Seven Dozen Muffins

This weekend has been both a whirlwind and rather relaxing at the same time. I feel like I've gotten so much done, and I know there's more to do, but less of it is pressing. Since Friday, The Man and I have accomplished so much:

- cleaned the bathroom
- watched a movie
- visited with my parents
- washed my car, including using a toothbrush around the emblems and wiping it down inside and out. I vacuumed, cleaned the windows, and even polished the headlights.
- had dinner at the new First Burger in Albany
- put money in the bank
- donated old puzzles (done, cheap, and boring) to Goodwill
- embroidered another section on my tea towels
- Wii Fit for an hour
- chatted with both of my grandmas on the phone
- hung pictures
- selected, sanded, painted, and finished a picture frame
- went grocery shopping
- made seven dozen muffins
- planned meals for the next month (yes, I said month)

I want another day off just to relax!

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