Sunday, March 07, 2010

Weekend Bits-o-Tid

Fridays have been a challenge this Lenten season. I know I'm supposed to give up meat and feel suffering and anguish. But I really like fish. I love fish sticks and rice all mushed up together. I love halibut. I adore shrimp, especially fried shrimp. Lenten suffering for me should be steak as I could pretty much care less about beef. I only eat red meat now for the iron and a bit of variety so that I'm not growing feathers from chicken-chicken-chicken.

Last Friday night, I opened one of my three fish steaks from the freezer that Grandma gave us. My uncle went fishing last summer and gave her a bunch of fish, and she kindly shared it with us. It's not just any fish, but salmon. As we do not have a grill, I baked the salmon steak in butter and lemon juice in a shallow foil-lined pan. I also baked some broccoli with parmesan sprinkled on it and made some cheesy rice as a side. Anyone who says cheese and fish don't go together is stupid: I love them together! The salmon was delicious. I was suffering oh so much. ;) On Saturday night, I broke up the leftover salmon and added breadcrumbs and an egg with spices and turned it into salmon cakes. They were a bit fishier, a bit more interesting, and not quite as good as I'd hoped, but they were tasty nonetheless.

My parents came over on Saturday for a late lunch out to Local Boyz, and The Man's parents, brother, and aunt were here on Sunday for hiking out at Beazell Memorial Forest and then dinner at Blue Sky. Add in the chocolate chip cookies I made Sunday afternoon, and it's safe to say we were eating well this weekend!

Today has been the first day I've missed on Wii Fit, but I did go hiking, so there's no guilt here. We're a little behind in our Lenten reading, shame on us, but we hope to catch back up tonight.

Five loads of laundry, turned the mattress, cleaned the bathroom, worked on the budget, and managed to plan meals and go shopping for the whole week for less than $40. Got lots done, but I am going to go sit on my butt and do nothing until bedtime. That sounds nice.

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