Monday, April 12, 2010

The Alligator Spoon

It delivered Dimetapp, sweet grapey deliciousness. Occasionally it would deliver Robitussin, cherry drops of sticky disgustingness. And every once in a great while, it would deliver bubblegum flavored medicine, probably antibiotics. Being sick isn't fun for grown-ups, and as a child, it is really unfortunate. But being sick meant we got to use the alligator spoon, a placebo of sorts in itself. Even though we felt sick, the joy of sticking the wide jaw of the alligator into our mouth and swallowing something that we knew was going to make us feel better... one of my childhood's most vivid memories.

I found the picture online, so I know these things are still available. Alligator spoons come in many different varieties and a few different colors, but there was only one for us. Other doppelgangers have no raised eyes, no separated toes/claws, or even no arms sticking out, just a stupid bar. Unless it's green with raised eye bumps, arms, and claws, it's not the Real McCoy and won't get the job done.

If you don't believe me, ask my sister: The alligator spoon really works.

Whenever we decide to have kids, this is one thing that will definitely go on our must-have list. Camera, alligator spoon, diapers. Then we'll be set.


That corgi :) said...

too cute; we didn't have alligator spoons for the kids when they were little, we had the like alikes, the clear plastic ones without the eyes or legs, but this one definitely "takes" the cake. It does make giving kids medicine so much easier I think if they enjoy how the medicine is being delivered and I can see the alligator spoon was a hit for you and your siblings :)

cute memory!!

and you are right, camera, alligator spoon and diapers and you'll definitely be set for parenthood (well, perhaps just a bit more things :)


Dr. Weirdbeard said...

You must have a cow cup as well. It makes any beverage taste better, and is far superior to boring sippy cups.

Dr. Weirdbeard said...

I should add that it isn't the "cow cup" you find on google images. It can only be bought in Washington at a restaurant which (I think) is called the Little Red Barn.
Dining experience optional, cow cup mandatory.

Anonymous said...

cow cup. that's great!

yes, i definitely remember taking copious amounts of liquid medicine with that alligator. it is surprising that i never named it.

i still use it sometimes. *grin* there really is something about it that makes you feel better... no matter what age.

The Man said...

cow cup!!!!!!!! oh i miss thee