Friday, April 16, 2010

Balsamic Vinegar and Cilantro Pork Chops

I had a crappy day. Migraine afternoon, lots of not wanting to move, some sleep, and feeling guilty for not being at work even though I would have been nothing more than a warm body. Never looks good to miss work on such a sunny day, but seeing as how I would rather have a rainy day off than a sunny day, everyone can rest quite assured that I was a zombie on the couch.

Our meal plan this week got shuffled around a bit. Tuesday's pizza got pushed to Thursday, and Wednesday's dinner never happened (we went out for burgers). I moved Monday's dinner to Friday. Friday's meal choice switched to Tuesday. It's all very confusing, but no food was wasted. I'm glad the more complicated meal could be on a day where I had as much time as I wanted, but it sucks to be in the kitchen when I just want to lay in the dark.

Easy recipe, tonight's dinner. I made two cups of rice cooked in low-sodium MSG-free chicken broth. The broth adds a ton of flavor and a few more nutrients than plain water. I set that to go in the rice cooker while I marinated--yes marinated, the word I hate to use in reference to meat--some pork chops. The thin-sliced pork chops bathed in some balsamic vinegar, brown sugar, and rough-chopped cilantro for about half an hour before hitting the grill. They dried out quite a bit since I trimmed every bit of fat off of them (I trim my meat clean and cook it completely--all meat). After letting the pork chops rest and steam to finish, the rice was done. Apple slices were a quick and easy side to the pork chops and rice, and they had a juicy crunch I needed to help the chops.

Not the best meal I've ever made, but it was darn good for a first try. Next time no cilantro. I love cilantro, but it was rather soapy or chemical tasting. The brown sugar and balsamic vinegar worked beautifully together, and I imagine a little citrus would help more. I'd like to work the apples into the recipe a bit more, perhaps using apple juice or stewed apples with the chops. There has to be a slow-cooker recipe out there for that one.

As for dessert, well, ice cream seems to be calling my name.

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That corgi :) said...

that sounds like a good meal; sorry about the migraine; hoping today is a better day

my hubby is the cook here (he actually enjoys it :) I'll have to pass this recipe idea over to him; he is always looking for new things to experiment with