Thursday, April 01, 2010


Cobble Beach at Yaquina Head is unlike any other beach I've been on. There is no sand, but rather there are billions of rocks. Apparently the rocks are "cobbles," but as they are neither made of coal or are appropriate for roadwork, I think they should just be referred to as rocks.

If one happens to be at the beach when the tide is "perfect," one can hear a unique sound of the rocks hitting together in the waves. I never did figure out what tide height is "perfect," but it seems likely to happen four times per day.

The pictured hands belong to my husband. He's holding some of the smaller cobbles. Some are as big as a hand, and some are smaller than the side of a fingernail. Most are about this size. As the rocks are round and smooth, they slide and roll when you try to walk on them. We had a difficult time walking in the larger rocks and down the slope to the tide pools, but thankfully the smaller rocks don't move quite as much. It's a workout to walk on them!

And for the record, we did not even consider bringing a rock home. The cobbles belong on the beach, not at home. The only things we took were pictures. :)

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MissKris said...

I spent a weekend at the beach with my son and grandsons last summer and we went down on the beach there at Yaquina. It is SUCH a cool beach, and the boys just thought the tide pools there were the greatest things ever! What I find so fascinating about beaches all over the world is how some are white sand, some are black, one can be 'cobbled' like this one, some are volcanic. What an awesome world we live in.