Saturday, April 24, 2010

Expensive but Productive Saturday

I slept in past 9am. It is rare that I can even sleep past 8am, but to sleep until 9 made me feel so refreshed. Granted, I was up a bit later than usual last night having been to my parents' to cut Dad's hair and visit with them. The Man went out for a guys' night video game thing, so he got home even later. After dragging my feet to get motivated, I made blueberry muffins for breakfast (in bed, no less, for husband!). We were dressed, organized, and ready to shop by noon.

First stop, Home Depot. We got a new toilet plunger, some more desiccant, and a bottle of mold and mildew killer. The plunger was in response to a need this morning when our old plunger (mine from forever ago) finally croaked. Thankfully the problem has been resolved and we're the owners of a new high-tech plunger. I didn't even know high-tech plungers existed until today. Wow. The desiccant is for our DampRid dehumidifiers in the window sills and bathroom. I've found that, for a few dollars, we can drastically reduce the humidity in our little apartment. The mold had already started growing when we got the dehumidifiers, though, so trying to keep it abated with bleach wasn't really working. I learned that bleach does NOT kill mold. It will make the mold colorless and nearly invisible, but it won't kill the roots. We got a fairly inexpensive mold/mildew killer and preventative solution that worked SUPER fast and very, very well. After some elbow grease and a handy toothbrush, the window sills look better now than the day I moved in!

Second stop, Safeway. After reading and committing to memory as much from Eat This, Not That as possible, we went in search of healthy food. We got all sorts of produce (apples were $0.39/lb!) and plenty of whole grains. Some deli sliced turkey, a roasted chicken, and some new blueberry oatmeal happened to fall into the cart as well. It wasn't our cheapest week, but we definitely bought more healthy foods than we have in a while. Slowly, slowly, we are ridding ourselves of HFCS and processed crap.

We arrived home by 2pm, had a late lunch, and then I set to work in the kitchen. I cleaned and pieced out the roasted chicken for three meals, chopped carrots and celery for salads and soup, and set a pot of potatoes on to boil for dinner. Using some fat/sodium-free chicken stock (only Swanson's is MSG-free, I've looked!), four large Russets, and carrots, celery, and roasted chicken in approximately equal parts, I attempted to make a sort of stew/soup/chowder dinner. We had some Bisquick biscuits as a side and some homemade Tollhouse cookies for dessert. The Man actually liked the chowder and biscuits!!!

Side note: Tonight marks the first time in my entire life that I've used a whole bag of chocolate chips for a single batch of cookies. That might not sound daring or crazy to you--apparently it's quite common--but it was a huuuuuge thing for me. I felt so... gluttonous. Rebellious. Delicious. :)

And THEN! I hacked my Swiffer so now it's reusable! I boiled water and immersed the cap from the bottle in it. Using some adjustable pliars, I got the cap off. I then used nail clippers to trim the little tab thingies inside the cap so now I won't need to boil and ply it off next time. I filled up the empty solution bottle with Pine-Sol and water (yay, no more Swiffer icky smell!). My mop heads fit on the Swiffer velcro more or less, so I just used those. No throwing away, no purchasing disposable products, no wasting money! I do mop by hand about once a month to get deep into the corners, but the Swiffer works really well after spills or when I need to do a quick once-over.

The kitchen has been cleaned top to bottom. The bathroom got a really good scrubbing between yesterday and today. The floors have been mopped. The windows look clean and mold-free. And we are well-fed with healthy (ok, the cookies aren't healthy), tasty, home-cooked food. I am going to go sit in front of the TV now and stitch.



Jules said...

Can you please come clean my house next? :)

Jaggy said...

Let me know when Baby5 arrives and I'll get The Man to help me clean your house! It's a 2-for-1 deal. We'll even use natural cleaners and borrow your older kids to get the job done quickly.