Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Feel Your Boobies!

Today marks five years since my cousin was diagnosed with breast cancer. After chemo, radiation, and a recent double skin-sparing mastectomy, she's alive and doing well. We're about five or six years apart in age, so her diagnosis and treatment brought breast cancer into full light in my life. Congratulations, cousin!

And to all the other ladies out there: feel your boobies! Forget what the doctors and insurance companies tell you about not paying attention: you should know your body better than anyone else, including the mammogram specialist. Feel 'em up gooooood, even if you only do it every other month or when you remember, do it.

(And if you're married, let your husband help out! I'm guessing he wouldn't mind. :D )

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That corgi :) said...

glad your cousin is doing okay after her bout with the cancer; good reminder for us to take care of our bodies too