Sunday, April 11, 2010

I love three-day weekends!

I sit here dreading the idea that tomorrow I must go to work. Not that I dread my job or anything, but after sleeping in until 10am the last two days, I've surely spoiled myself. 7am will dawn too early.

Friday was eventful. I took the day off so we could go shopping without so many crowds. We left home by 8:30am and made it to Washington Square right at 10am when JC Penney opened. As we still had wedding gift cards for the store, we both agreed that clothes were a bigger priority than, say, lamps or fancy griddles. We're out of room to store things in the kitchen anyway. I needed dressy casual shirts and maybe some nice khakis or slacks. The Man is my best shopping buddy, so we had a plan and were armed with gift cards. Yay!

After two hours of trying on clothes, lamenting cap sleeves and cropped pants, and mostly hating the fashion industry for the 900th time, we walked away with armloads. I got a pretty black shirt (that The Man picked out!), and three colorful bras (not white or nude, amazingly) in my favorite style, and The Man got new Levi jeans in his favorite style, a nice T-shirt that doesn't have obnoxious or offensive designs, and three OSU T-shirts. At original prices, we would have spent $244. After sales and coupons, we spent $111.94. After gift cards, we paid $3.58 out-of-pocket. Um, yeah. We scored.

Lunch found us at one of our favorite restaurants, Sweet Tomatoes. BOGO coupons meant that we only paid $14 for two all-you-can-eat lunches including drinks. The Man's brother also works in the area, so he joined us for lunch.

After lunch, we drove down to Bridgeport Village so I could finally go to The Container Store and a Merrell shoe store. Neither store was up to my expectations, especially the Merrell store. They had nothing on sale. Even a 1% sale would have been better than full price, so after chatting briefly with the creepy sales guy, we ducked out. Most of the shops in Bridgeport Village were waaaaaay out of our budgets, not to mention things we don't need.

We only hit a little traffic past Wilsonville on our way home, thankfully. We decided to stop and drop off some stuff at my parents' house on our way south. They weren't home from work yet, so we chatted with my sister. She took us into Costco since we don't have a membership there--and we were nearly out of toilet paper, not good. After a side trip to Target, we got back to my parents' house to find Dad home. Mom got home shortly and Sis left for work. Mom and Dad offered to take us out to dinner to Los Dos Amigos (my favorite Mexican food!) after a few more side trips.

Ready for Saturday? We moped around for a while before I decided I needed to search Ross and Dress Barn for nice dress pants. No luck anywhere. I couldn't even find a nice black shrug for one of my dresses (that has funky sleeves that I hate). I did run into the new Rite-Aid in Corvallis to check it out--and buy my make-up for the next year, a whopping $20. Good sales, not the greatest store, just the usual stuff. Poorly organized! Meh.

We watched The Informant, one of the worst movies I think I've ever seen.

I started getting ready around 4:30, and we were out the door by 5:30 to go to our friends' wedding. We gave the couple a review dance lesson early last week, so we were excited to watch them dance at their reception (and they were fabulous by the way). Nice wedding, thankfully all indoors. Not a fan of the screaming girls sitting behind us--there is no screaming or clapping in any church I've attended (unless it is after Mass). We finally got home around 10pm.

Sunday. I motivated myself to do three loads of laundry by 4:00pm, and we went grocery shopping for the week. Super meat sales led us to finally buy some pork chops. I've yet to make them, so it could be an interesting meal. I may have to use them to test out the new grill! We also got some chicken. I learned my lesson (again) when not buying Foster Farms. Too much fat left on that had to be trimmed and trimmed to finally get down to meat. Yuck. But the pork is portioned out in the freezer, as is the chicken both filleted and cubed ready for grilling or sauteing. I made the last of our bran muffins this afternoon. I think we have enough food to last quite a while now!

I feel accomplished. And hungry. And poor. But so very blessed.

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cm0978 said...

Great weekend, filled with a variety of events! Good job on the shopping spree -- I agree that finding clothes can be challenging. I heard how excited The Man was to get such great deals.

We walked to Macleay Country Store for ice cream, then walked back, about 4-5 miles. Beat the rain, fortunately. Now off to The French Press for supper.