Monday, April 05, 2010

If there's an Easter, why isn't there a Wester?

Some weekends are quiet, and some weekends are busy. Easter weekend was crazy. The Man and I had an at-home date night Friday night. We started a new and very difficult puzzle together, and we spent several hours dipping pretzels and other foods into melted chocolate.

Saturday included laundry, cleaning, and then lots of visiting. We saw both of my grandmas and had dinner with family. Sunday saw us up too early and waiting for Mass to begin in Salem. Easter Mass was nice--aside from the two adorable children sitting in front of me distracting me the whole time. I tried to pay attention to the priest, I really did! We had lunch with The Man's family in the early afternoon. We were able to get out and walk a little bit in Salem around the Willamette University campus. I enjoyed the walk, though I find the campus small and sterile. There isn't a single cornice or flourish on a windowsill or roofline. I enjoyed their lake and stream, though... OSU would do well to divert Oak Creek to central campus and install a large "water feature."

We tried to do a little shopping this weekend, but the stores were all too busy on Saturday and then closed on Sunday. Have to say I'm almost impressed that so many stores closed to honor the holiday.

No more chocolate for a while for me, thank you. One waxy chocolate bunny was enough.

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