Tuesday, April 06, 2010

My Head Overflows

We taught one dance lesson last night, and we have one more lesson to do tonight. Neither of us really fancy ourselves as true dance instructors, but we're having fun sharing our experience with others.

My new ear piece and headphone set arrived, so now I can listen to music or receive calls hands-free. I was a bit worried about compatibility with my phone, but no worries, it all seems to work well. Plus, I saved $70 at Newegg (from $90 to $20, I am not complaining)!

My left eye is still bothering me on and off. I get a couple days with no itching then a few days of painful burning and itching. My eyelid is raw from being rubbed and dry from having wet compresses on and off.

We finished our second Lenten reading, David Currie's Born Fundamentalist, Born Again Catholic. We both enjoyed his story, but his constant use of scripture to defend his faith was obnoxious. The text was heady at times, and while his humor was good, it was rare. Unlike James Martin S.J.'s books, we just wanted to finish the book quickly. We're now reading Scott & Kimberly Hahn's autobiography, Rome Sweet Home. After that, I think we might take a break from the Catholic reading and try something a bit less orthodox and preachy... like Pearls Before Swine or Calvin and Hobbes. Forget the cup, my head overflows!

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