Saturday, May 01, 2010

800 square feet is not enough for two people

One bed, one toilet, one comfy chair. We are making the most out of a small apartment! This afternoon, The Man and I rearranged our living room/office/dining room/entry. Yes, one room really can serve as four purposes. Unfortunately the room is divided into two-thirds carpet and one-third linoleum. It's a long room with doors at both ends. Neither door is conveniently placed. And we have a 7' futon to fit into the mix.

We ended up covering a wall heater for the summer. We'll have to move things around a bit when winter comes if we're still in the same place, but that's do-able. We pulled the couch away from the window and set it out into the room to divide it into "living room" and "office." The Man's computer is in the living room, and mine is in the bedroom. It's nice to have our own "office" spaces. He's thankful to have room to lean back in his chair finally!

The TV is now against a wall instead of hovering behind the shoe rack with a visible tangle of cords just as you walk in the door. The ugly-but-well-loved-and-super-comfy rocker is behind the shoe rack now, and it can be pulled easily over by the couch if we have people over for movies.

In addition to rearranging furniture today, we did two weeks worth of grocery shopping (not including milk), made bread, baked enchiladas for dinner, finished an embroidered towel, and worked on my Wedding Manifesto. Still on the To-Do list this weekend: laundry, baking cookies, and organizing my files and the filing cabinet. I might also work on a bead project I've been thinking about... and Mass, of course.

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