Friday, May 14, 2010

Bra Sizes are Not All Equal

I went wedding dress shopping with my sister yesterday to look for her perfect dress. Without naming names, we went to the Wal-Mart of wedding dress stores (not actually Wal-Mart). The apathetic front desk lady was barely computer competent, though she did get her job done in a timely manner. As soon as she could, she introduced my sister to her consultant, a thrillingly boring woman with several tape measures draped around her neck.

Tape measures, ladies, are not fashion accessories. I don't care how crafty you are.

She took my sister's measurements and asked her what bra size she wears. For the sake of propriety, I'll select a size at random rather than give you her true measurements. Pretend my sister is a 34D. That is not a hard bra size to find. But since Dress-4-Less-Mart only carries three insanely small sizes, Measuring Tape Girl decided to blurt out, "oh, 34D, that's the same as a 36C." My sister stared at her. She blinked. She turned to me. I blinked at her. We said nothing.

We could have put up a fight, but my sister's size is difficult to find in department stores. She'd brought along a wonderful bra that fit perfectly, but Dress-4-Less-Mart makes women wear their undergarments, no exception. I remember from my experience in another branch of the same nightmare chain store being quite similar. I'm an easier size to fit than my sister, and they didn't even have a bra in my size!

Measuring Tape Girl: not all bras are the same size. Just because you go up in cup size and down in band size does NOT mean a bra will magically fit. A 36A bra will not fit a 34B or a 32C girl. Changing one of the digits could possibly work... a 34B woman could possibly fit into a 34C for trying-on purposes. Changing both the band and the cup is NOT RIGHT.

Guys: this is equivalent to another man telling you that if you wear 32L/32W jeans and they don't have any 32L/32W, they'll just go down to a 30L and pick a 34W to make up for the difference.

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Kristin Catts said...

At least they attempted to give her a bra. One place I went shopping at wanted me to strip naked in front of them and let them help me into the dress naked. Not something I wanted to do when I was not comfortable with the cranky, old sales woman who wasn't helpful at all.

Where's the customer service these days??