Monday, May 31, 2010

Facebooking No More

I have permanently deleted (not just deactivated) my Facebook account.  Having been on Facebook since 2005, it's difficult to say goodbye, but it feels so good to walk away.  My life does not revolve around checking status updates or following who likes what.  I will miss seeing pictures of my cousins' children, but that sacrifice comes with deactivation.

I think bloggy has been updated 75% or so... a few more tweaks, additions, and minor edits left to do.  Using Google's suite as a replacement for Facebook seems to work well.  Picasa allows me to post some pictures publicly while keep some pictures more private.  G-mail allows me to post status updates and IM with friends.  Overall, I'm just as available as ever, but there's a bit of disconnect to overcome without Facebook.

Oh, and my life is finally Farmville free.  I never played the damn game, but it was impossible to get away from the constant nagging suggestion or updates from friends--even though I hid the game and blocked it, the updates continued.  Good riddance!


Matthew Wimer said...

You know, I've been there with Facebook, too. For the most part, I don't connect with the majority of the people on Facebook, and the nagging games I never play to get really annoying. However, considering I'm horrible at keep up correspondences, it is nice to have a way of seeing a small part into people's lives.

MissKris said...

How did you manage to delete it??? All I've been able to find is how to deactivate it. I'd love to be done with it forever-off-my-system, too! Please share!

Jaggy said...

To delete your account, go here.

I, too, tried to "deactivate," but as soon as it logged me out, all I had to do was log back in and I was fully restored. Not cool. So I deleted my account. Even that isn't permanent for another fourteen days, *sigh*.

lavonne said...

I 'm a huge fan of Farmville I must admit. but I get where you're coming from though. There seems to be a lot of veiled spamming going on in the form of unsolicited friend suggestions and game invites.

MissKris said...

I followed your link and it took me back to the Log In page. I went to Account Settings and didn't see anything different so just Deactivated again.