Monday, May 24, 2010

It looked like chicken in the freezer...

I'll admit, I'm not a culinary guru. I'm also not a total idiot either. I know the basics of kitchen safety, food safety, and flavor profiles. But last night my knowledge did not shine.

I was in the mood for no-fuss food, so I tossed some ingredients and meat in my crock pot to make my super tasty version of Local Boyz shoyu chicken. I had two packages of meat in the freezer, pink-peachy meat frozen solid. Tossed both of them in, some pre-cut chicken and some larger pieces that I swore were chicken breasts.

Four hours later, I lifted the lid to check on the meat when I very quickly realized that the chicken breasts had somehow morphed into pork cutlets. Both meats look pink-peachy when frozen, covered in frost, and inside a freezer bag, so I didn't really feel stupid, but I did a little bit.

Reluctantly, I pulled a pork cutlet from the dark sauce and dropped it onto a plate to survey the damage. It flaked apart beautifully. I gave it a taste and discovered the most amazing flavors! Aside from a textural difference, the flavor was perfectly matched with the chicken. The Man and I both devoured almost the entire lot of rice and meat. I had just enough leftovers for lunch this afternoon. I do believe I might have to "accidentally" make that mistake again!

Local Boyz has nothin' on my shoyu chicken/pork deliciousness. Nothin'.


Skunk said...

Oooh! Can I PLEEEEASE have your recipe!?!?

Jules said...

my husband looooves Local Boyz - can you share the recipe plz???